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Garden of Gethemane.

A great honor to be able to direct the cellist Olga Minskaya in her new video taken from the piece "Garden of Gethsemane" composed in collaboration with Vitalij Engbrecht. Internationally renowned artist trained in the prestigious Gnessin Music Academy in Moscow, in addition to having collaborated with Maestro Ricardo Muti, Olga Minskaya has held concerts throughout Europe and was awarded at the Internationales Frauen Filmfestival in Dortmund in 2007 for the film «The Chemist», In 2010 he won the Worlds Best Work Award 2010 at the New York Festival.

An executive production by DRmovie.

Enzo Dino

The birth of high art.

Olga Minskaia and Florian Weber brought the audience of the Gutersloh theater into indescribable delight. The repertoire of their concert program from a series of concerts called Panoramamusic was heralded as a promising surprise. The result, on the other hand, turned out to be expected - it was really cool.
More than 200 listeners were awaited by a splendid program, pampering them with its richness, variety and skill.
An excellently played duet unmistakably and instantly introduced the audience to a wide variety of moods and emotions, depending on the virtuoso, demanding program, be it Bach's Sonata, Schumann's Fantasy Pieces, Shostakovich's Sonata. And it's hard to say what surprised and delighted the audience more in the harmony of partners: the concentration and temperament of Olga Minska, who played the whole concert without notes, or the freedom of Florian Weber's playing. The concert also featured works by Bruch, Gershwin, Scriabin, Messiaen, Tchaikovsky. The audience exploded with especially stormy applause after the last improvisation played on Piazzolla's Libertango.
Unusual lighting decorations on the stage and total darkness in the hall helped to capture and captivate the listener, whom the musicians skillfully guided along their stylistically built path.

Matthias Hans

Neue Westfälische

Full of surprises.
June 16, 2010

The cellist's string broke, and she greeted affably, but did not pay attention to the correspondent, i.e. on me, she ran to replace her. And the pianist hadn’t arrived at all, he was stuck in a traffic jam. And I, taken aback, who came to interview the duet, ask myself a question: can we expect from this couple that everything planned goes without any "surprises" and surprises? The beginning justifies the "improvisational moment" that the duo advertises in their program.
No, you cannot deny yourself the pleasure of communicating with the guys, either as an interlocutor or as a visitor to the concert. Because when Olga Minskaya, who has dealt with the string, and Florian Weber, who finally got out of traffic jams, calmly enter the hall, a lively, interesting and with a great sense of humor conversation is struck, pleasantly surprising with its openness, ease and versatility.
For the first time, the musicians met at the rehearsals for the premiere of Weber's composition "Opus One". And between them, a live contact and mutual understanding was immediately struck up and arose. Florian Weber, who also performs classical works, is widely known primarily as a jazz musician. Ever since childhood, he improvised and got along freely with the classics. Olga Minskaya, on the other hand, is a classical musician who has also recently been successfully composing music for films. She performed the traditional cello repertoire for a long time. “I have always been very lucky with teachers. They taught me how to study. They taught me to listen. " Since Olga began composing her musical compositions, her playing has changed a lot. She also sings great. “I try to look at the works more through the eyes of a composer than an interpreter. I also play my works, using now a different, expanded technical potential ”.
From baroque to contemporary music, the program of musicians covers, also includes improvisation. "Our program and its execution depend on our mood," says Weber. "There must be a moment of spontaneity." Minskaia immediately reacts: "I hope you tell me before you go on stage that you are going to play!" They laugh. Intrigued. I'm not the only one looking forward to the concert with great impatience and curiosity, which promises to be full of surprises and surprises.


Matthias Hans

Neue Westfälische

Photokina videofun 2006 - the winner is determined!

The winner of the all-European video competition "photokina videofun in 2006" is named Roland Povik (Germany), he won with his film "Augenblick" (music for the film - Olga Minska) in the strongest competition with more than 1,100 participants. For the first place in the competition, along with the Diploma, the winner Roland Povik receives a prize of 2,500 euros.
From September 26 to October 1 in Cologne, the ceremony of awarding 30 laureates and winners of the all-European video competition for short films "photokina videofun 2006" will take place. The ceremony will take place in Pavilion 6, stand B70.
Organizers: fotocommunity e. K. together with Prophoto GmbH.

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